Taungurung RSA Art Competition Winners Announcement

Congratulations to Sam Trist for her winning entry in the recent art competition to be featured on the cover of the Taungurung RSA document. Her bark burn is an absolute eye-catcher and we think it will make for a stunning cover of this historic document.

We’d like to thank all members who took time to submit an entry. The level of artistry was outstanding and it really was a very difficult decision. The votes were very close!

The collage below shows the amazing work that entrants submitted. We were so impressed we have also decided to commission four other artworks to be featured on the DOJ fact sheets regarding the Taungurung settlement. The artworks chosen for these documents are “Spirits of my Elders” by Michelle Monk, “Past, present and future” by Maddi Moser, and “Our Country” and “Nugal-ngal bikk” by Cassie Leatham.

We’d also like to make another special mention to Michelle Monk who submitted an intricately carved emu egg. The beautiful egg was chosen as a gift for the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Hon Natalie Hutchins at the Camp Jungai handover celebration. You can see the egg featured in the last photo below.

Photo Collage of Taungurung Artworks

Taungurung woman, Jean Williamson with the Victorian Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Hon Natalie Hutchins. Carved emu egg is created by Taungurung woman Michelle Monk who presented the Minister with the gift at the celebration of Taungurung’s ownership of Camp Jungai (20 October 2018).