NOTICE:  Both our offices are closed due to COVID-19 Pandemic.  Our staff are all working from home and are contactable on:







Matt Burns

Chief Executive Officer

0400 638 960

Chris Marshall

General Manager – Administration & Corporate Development

0412 479 701

Sherryn Antonopoulos

General Manager – Operations

0439 074 992

Emily Loughron

Office Coordinator / Mon-Thurs

0427 832 241


Michelle Faragher

Finance Officer / Mon – Wed

Francisco Almeida

Cultural Heritage Programs Manager

0428 224 376

Shane Monk

NRM Supervisor

0488 257 093

Alejandro Voysest

Water Officer

0418 293 320

Sharon Briggs

Senior Project Officer

0455 053 860

Kathy Mexted

Communications Officer / Mon – Thur

Joanne Honeysett

Community Engagement Coordinator

0477 012 303

Saadia Majeed

Forest Management Officer

0466 233 668

Michelle Monk

Aboriginal Heritage Officer (Compliance)

0447 466 667

Chris Casey

RSA Implementation Manager / Mon-Thur

0413 416 076

Taungurung Land and Waters Council (TLaWC) was registered 16 July 2009 as the Registered Aboriginal Party that represents the interests of the Taungurung people.

TLaWC is the corporate representative and ‘face’ of the Taungurung people and serves to uphold their interests with respect to culture and country.

Our Daily Operation

TLaWC protects the cultural heritage of Taungurung people by performing the functions of a Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP) under the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.

TLaWC develops projects for the economic, social and cultural well-being of Taungurung people. We provide opportunities for engagement in cultural events by facilitating camps, activities, and educational workshops for Taungurung people and minimise the barriers to participation.

TLaWC also provides services for natural resource management. We liaise with governmental bodies, private land owners, developers, and other stakeholders to assist with applying protocol for best land and water management practices to ensure environmental and cultural heritage preservation.

We develop educational resources for use in schools, libraries, and community groups to promote and raise cultural awareness in our communities.

We keep our members informed and connected. Through our online social media presence and dissemination of monthly newsletters we enable TLaWC members and the wider community to be aware of the latest news, cultural events, health services, job and educational opportunities, as well as other potential pathways for social and economic well-being.

Who are the Taungurung Clans?

The Taungurung clans are the Traditional Owners of a large part of Central Victoria. TLaWC represents the interests of the clans of the Taungurung — Benbendore-balluk, Buthera-balluk, Gunung-Yellam, Leuk-willam, Moomoomgoonbeet, Nattarak-balluk, Ngurai-illam-balluk, Nira-balluk, Tenbringnellams, Walledriggers, Waring-illam-balluk, Warrinillum, Yaran-illam, Yirun-ilam-balluk, and Yowung-illam-balluk.

You can read more about the Taungurung Clans and their history and culture by visiting the Learn section at our webite.